Training Programmes

Each of these strength programmes has a specific goal in mind, if you can see something you want to achieve why not try one of these? Don't see what you're looking for? Contact me and we will work together to design a programme just for you.

Below Parallel

Find Your Strength

Find Your Strength is a high-intensity programme designed to challenge those ready to take the next step in their mission to be strong. This is not for beginners, but for athletes and gym-goers who have plateaued, or are looking for the next challenge and the results that come with it. These methods are tried and tested by myself and other athletes, and they work. Now I have made them available for you too. You're going to have to work hard through this programme, but together we will find your strength.

Strongman Gas Tank

Strongman Gas Tank

This programme is intended as a supplementary programme to your existing strength plan. To ensure you don’t ‘gas’ too soon on the day, especialy moving events! Make sure you don’t neglect this part of your training. This programme is 16 separate work-outs designed to be done 4 times a week over the final 4 weeks of your prep for strongman/woman competitions.