Training Programmes

Each of these strength programmes has a specific goal in mind, if you can see something you want to achieve why not try one of these? Don't see what you're looking for? Contact me and we will work together to design a programme just for you.

Below Parallel

Taking Action

Taking action is my new 6-week programme to kick-start your January! If you need a helping hand to start your fitness goals, this is the programme for you. This programme is part of a 6-week transformation challenge. Instructions for this come in your confirmation email on purchase. £100 cash prize. - STAY TUNED FOR WHEN YOU CAN BUY THIS AGAIN

Body Weight Home Workout

My latest full body home workout requires just a chair and optionally a mat. There is a demo video available for each movement.

Home Workout

This full body home workout requires just 1 piece of equipment and absolutely no experience. There is a demo video for each exercise! I hope you find this easy to follow and easy to fit in around your busy schedule. Either for the days you don’t have time to get to the gym, or maybe you dont have a gym membership yet 😊 You can do as many sessions per week as suits you, but I recommend 4.


This booty programme, is exactly that. It’s designed to help you grow and shape your Glutes. You will need equipment for this. I hope you find yourself enjoying getting stronger throughout this programme as well and reaping the rewards in the shape of your peach 🍑. You can add this programme to go alongside your current training plan.

Find Your Strength

Find Your Strength is a high-intensity programme designed to challenge those ready to take the next step in their mission to be strong. This is not for beginners, but for athletes and gym-goers who have plateaued, or are looking for the next challenge and the results that come with it. These methods are tried and tested by myself and other athletes, and they work. Now I have made them available for you too. You're going to have to work hard through this programme, but together we will find your strength.